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Polaris RZR XP 1000
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Trip Report

4th Annual
Extreme Motorsports Show

Extreme Motorsports Expo - 2006

Extreme Motorsports Expo

May 19 - 21, 2006

Orange County Fair and Exposition Center

Costa Mesa, CA



Sand Rails

Suspensions Unlimited

Extreme Expo - Suspensions Unlimited   Suspensions Unlimited   Suspensions Unlimited    Suspensions Unlimited
SU Pro - Mid-Engine   SU Pro - Mid-Engine   SU Pro - Mid-Engine


Funco Motorsports

Extreme Expo - Funco Hustler   Funco Motorsports Big 5   Funco Motorsports Big 5
Funco Motorsports   Funco Motorsports   Funco Motorsports


Quicksand Performance

Quicksand Performance   Quicksand Performance   QuickSand Performance   Quicksand Transaxle


All Star Chassis Werx

All Star   All Star   All Star   All Star Chassis Werx


Raw Motorsports

Raw Motorsports   


Sand Cars Unlimited

Sand Cars Unlimited   Sand Cars Unlimited   Sand Cars Unlimited   Sand Cars Unlimited


Chenowth - SDORC Raffle Buggy

SDORC Raffle Buggy


Tatum - ASA Raffle Buggy

Tatum Black Widow - ASA Raffle Buggy


Morphic Industries

Morphic    ExtremeExpo-33.jpg (61795 bytes)   Morphic Industries   Morphic Spindle


Sandrail Fabricator

Sandrail Fabricator   Sandrail Fabricator


Monster Rails

Monster Rails   Monster Rails


Trick Racing Products

ExtremeExpo-32.jpg (42882 bytes)   ExtremeExpo-30.jpg (32249 bytes)   ExtremeExpo-31.jpg (27387 bytes)

King Sand Cars

King Sand Cars   Hayabusa Mini Rail - King Sand Cars   King Sand Cars   King Sand Cars

Hayabusa Mini Rail   Suzuki Hayabusa   Mini Rail with Hayabusa 1300cc Engine


Full Potential Off-Road

Full Potential Off-Road   Full Potential Off-Road   Full Potential Off-road   Full Potential Off-Road
Full Potential Off-Road   Full Potential Off-Road   Full Potential Off-Road


High Fly Fabrication

High Fly Fabrication   High Fly Fabrication   Extreme Motorsports Expo - High Fly Fabrication


SandBuggy Supply

Sand Buggy Supply   Sand Buggy Supply   Sand Buggy Supply


Wicked Sandtoys

Wicked Sandtoys   Wicked Sandtoys



Mosebilt   ExtremeExpo-132.jpg (36678 bytes)   Mosebilt


Streamline Fabrication

Streamline Fabrication   Streamline Fabrication - Sand car   Streamline Fabrication   ExtremeExpo-138.jpg (46197 bytes)


Bandit Buggy


American Sand Toys

American Sand Toys   American Sand Toys


Extreme Fabrication

Extreme Fabrication   Extreme Fabrication - No CV Axles   Extreme Axles


Revolution Sandcars

Revolution Sandcars


Superior Sandcars

Superior Sandcars


Diecast Playcars and Fabrication

Diecast Playcars   Diecast Playcars - 5 Link   Diecast Playcars


Dragonfire Racing

ExtremeExpo-112.jpg (37013 bytes)   ExtremeExpo-114.jpg (44165 bytes)   ExtremeExpo-115.jpg (46933 bytes)


Fab Lab Motorsports

Fab Lab Motorsports   Fab Lab Motorsports



Wuerth Motorsports   Extreme Expo - Wuerth Motorsports


Andy's Sand Cars

ASC - Andy's Sand Cars


Fastway Sand Cars

Fastway Sand Cars


Full Tilt Fabrication

Full Tilt Fabrication


Jess Motorsports

Jess Motorsports   Jess Motorsports


Extreme Performance

Extreme Performance   Extreme Performance   Extreme Performance   Extreme Performance



ExtremeExpo-27.jpg (58538 bytes)   Buckshot   Buckshot

Golf Carts & Rhinos

Extreme Motorsports Expo - Rhino Craft   Rhino Half Doors & Roll Cage   Long Travel Rhino   Long Travel Rhino
Yamaha Rhino   Yamaha Rhino   Yamaha Rhino

ExtremeExpo-95.jpg (48095 bytes)   ExtremeExpo-96.jpg (53743 bytes)   ExtremeExpo-97.jpg (58694 bytes)   ExtremeExpo-98.jpg (54386 bytes)

ExtremeExpo-99.jpg (58386 bytes)   ExtremeExpo-100.jpg (55836 bytes)   Rhino with Full Roll Cage   ExtremeExpo-109.jpg (52687 bytes)

ExtremeExpo-110.jpg (45283 bytes)   ExtremeExpo-111.jpg (46855 bytes)


LS7 from Turnkey Engine Supply   Turbo Hayabusa   Turbo 6 Cylinder Subaru - Outback Motorsports   All Star Chassis Werx

Extreme Performance - Twin Turbo V8

Other Stuff

Extreme Expo - Hummer   Monster School Bus was giving rides   Lifted Hummer
Extreme Motorsports Expo

Extreme Motorsports Expo - Airbag setup on Ford Superduty   ExtremeExpo-90.jpg (55460 bytes)   Extreme Motorsports Expo - Optima Conversion   Extreme Motorsports Expo

Extreme Expo   Extreme Motorsports Expo   ExtremeExpo-91.jpg (53738 bytes)   Jeep

Rock Crawler   ExtremeExpo-94.jpg (48864 bytes)

Other Photo Galleries

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Hot Shot Racing. No images may be used without permission.


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