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Polaris RZR XP 1000
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Trip Report

ORBA Supershow
Off-Road Business Association

ORBA's 1st Annual Off-Road Supershow was held March 24 & 25, 2007 at the Barona Valley Ranch Resort & Casino in Lakeside, CA. ORBA did a great job with the show, and we are looking forward to the 2nd Annual ORBA Supershow in 2008!

ORBA Staff and Board of Directors at the ORBA Supershow

ORBA Chairman of the Board - Rocky Trevino, Cycle Parts West
Rock Trevino - Cycle Parts West (also a show sponsor)

ORBA Board of Directors - Howard Hughes, Off-Road Warehouse
Howard Hughes, Off Road Warehouse (also a show sponsor)

ORBA Board of Directors - Cory Hove, Alba
Cory Hove, ALBA Action Sports (also a show sponsor)

ORBA Board of Directors - Loren Snyder, Pro Comp Suspension
Loren Snyder, Pro Comp Suspension (also a show sponsor)

Roy Denner, ORBA Presidetn & CEO
Roy Denner, ORBA President & CEO

Jim McGarvie, ORBA Executive Vice President with Rocky Trevino, Chairmain of the Board
Jim McGarvie, ORBA Executive Vice President

A big thanks to all that made this show possible, and also to all the member companies of ORBA!

UTVs - Rhino, Prowler, Ranger

Mason Motorsports - Rhino Long Travel
The crew from Mason Motorsports in their booth at the ORBA SuperShow

Mason Motorsports

Mason Motorsports   Mason Motorsports   Rhino with Elka Elite Shocks and Mason Motorsports Long Travel Kit   Mason Motorsports - BITD

Mason Motorsports - Race Rhino   Mason Motorsports - Race Rhino   Mason Motorsports - Race Rhino   Mason Motorsports - Frame Gusset Kit

Long Travel Rhino

Rhino Spindles from HCR & LTR   Long Travel Rhino - Tailgate Skin   Rhino - Front Speaker Pod   Rhino Console & Subwoofer Enclosure

LED Light Bar   Rhino LED Light Bar   LED Light Bar - Made by Rigid Industries

Black Rhino Performance

Black Rhino Performance - Rhino Radiator and Oil Cooler   Black Rhino Performance - Rhino Radiator and Oil Cooler   Black Rhino Performance - FMF/BRP Dual Exhaust   Black Rhino Performance - Guages & Switches

Black Rhino Performance - Simpson Rear Net   Black Rhino Performance   Black Rhino Performance   Black Rhino Performance

Alba Action Sports

Alba Rhino Alternator Kit   Alba Rhino Radiator   Alba Rhino Exhaust

  Rhino Buyer's Guides

Shaw'z Metal Fabrication

Shawz Metal Fabrication   Shawz Metal Fabrication   Shawz Metal Fabrication


Fabtech   Fabtech Rhino Long Travel Kit

Rhino Mafia

Rhino Mafia - Long Travel Rhino Kit   Rhino Mafia - Long Travel Rhino Kit

AMR Racing

AMR Racing - Rhino Graphics


RhinoCraft   RhinoCraft   RhinoCraft

Triple X Motorports

Triple X Motorports   Triple X Motorports   Triple X Motorports   Triple X Motorports


OMF Rhino Billet Center Wheel   OMF

HRT Motorsports

HRT Motorsports - Long Travel Kit   HRT Motorsports - Long Travel Kit

PRP Seats

PRP Seats

CartWheelin' Magazine

CartWheelin' Magazine   CartWheelin' Magazine

American Sand Toys

American Sand Toys - Rhino   American Sand Toys - Rhino   American Sand Toys - Rhino

Prestige Motorsports

Prestige Motorsports - Arctic Cat Prowler   Prestige Motorsports - Arctic Cat Prowler

HydroDynamics - iShock

HydroDynamics - iShock

Marzocchi Shocks

Marzocchi Shocks for Rhino on SCF long travel kit/spindles


aFE Rhino Intake

Gorilla Axle - Rhino Axles

Whenever possible, use products manufactured by ORBA member companies and purchase them from ORBA member retailers.  By doing so, you are indirectly helping ORBA with its efforts to keep motorized off-road recreation active and available. A list of ORBA member companies can be found at


ORBA - Toyotal FJ Raffle   ORBAShow2007-033.jpg (36157 bytes)   Jan McGarvie - ORBA
Off-Road Business Association

San Diego Off-Road Coalition   SDORC   SDORC Trailer
San Diego Off-Road Coalition

American Sand Association   ORBAShow2007-497.jpg (59731 bytes)
American Sand Association

Cal4Wheel - Jeep Wrangler
Cal 4Wheel - Jeep

Sand Rails

AG Sand Cars

ORBAShow2007-125.jpg (46918 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-540.jpg (44602 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-549.jpg (47639 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-546.jpg (58055 bytes)

ORBAShow2007-274.jpg (55651 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-554.jpg (56274 bytes)


ORBAShow2007-065.jpg (52185 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-072.jpg (48384 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-069.jpg (54080 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-070.jpg (58325 bytes)


ORBAShow2007-313.jpg (51060 bytes)


ORBAShow2007-207.jpg (50426 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-214.jpg (48656 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-212.jpg (51514 bytes)   Tom Face Headers

Double Down Off-Road Cars

ORBAShow2007-325.jpg (61234 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-324.jpg (49070 bytes)

HRT Motorsports

ORBAShow2007-407.jpg (66607 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-426.jpg (48724 bytes)

Johnson's Bug Machine

ORBAShow2007-059.jpg (92870 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-061.jpg (104310 bytes)

King Sand Cars

ORBAShow2007-500.jpg (84982 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-501.jpg (74665 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-499.jpg (112395 bytes)


ORBAShow2007-370.jpg (85423 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-371.jpg (89919 bytes)


ORBAShow2007-239.jpg (47641 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-241.jpg (46218 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-238.jpg (58216 bytes)

ORBAShow2007-333.jpg (41733 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-332.jpg (47239 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-337.jpg (47233 bytes)

RAW Motorsports

ORBAShow2007-312.jpg (50458 bytes)

Suspensions Unlimited

ORBAShow2007-435.jpg (43152 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-437.jpg (58682 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-436.jpg (61722 bytes)

ORBAShow2007-114.jpg (78589 bytes)   Suspensions Unlimited - Sand Pro 2

Turnkey Engine Supply

Turnkey Engine Supply - LS7   Turnkey Engine Supply - LS7

Benchmark Performance

Benchmark Performance - Honda 4 cylinder engine

Elka Suspension - Rhino Long Travel Shocks

Off-Road Racing

ORBAShow2007-236.jpg (119752 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-165.jpg (144611 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-109.jpg (118205 bytes)   

ORBAShow2007-462.jpg (57200 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-461.jpg (43252 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-463.jpg (40878 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-465.jpg (51318 bytes)

ORBAShow2007-558.jpg (100456 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-562.jpg (93162 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-561.jpg (100562 bytes)

ORBAShow2007-281.jpg (145382 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-280.jpg (133243 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-286.jpg (97980 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-283.jpg (107262 bytes)

ORBAShow2007-480.jpg (79102 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-479.jpg (97189 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-482.jpg (101167 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-486.jpg (85854 bytes)

ORBAShow2007-198.jpg (137606 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-203.jpg (129266 bytes)  ORBAShow2007-533.jpg (42470 bytes)

Toyota FJ Cruiser - Donohoe Racing   Toyota FJ Cruiser - Donohoe Racing   Toyota FJ Cruiser - Donohoe Racing

ORBAShow2007-225.jpg (83881 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-244.jpg (82398 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-249.jpg (76396 bytes)

4 X 4's

ORBAShow2007-185.jpg (107254 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-194.jpg (116711 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-189.jpg (123743 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-188.jpg (123048 bytes)

ORBAShow2007-196.jpg (111917 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-195.jpg (119212 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-197.jpg (114166 bytes)

ORBAShow2007-156.jpg (138407 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-063.jpg (78217 bytes)

ORBAShow2007-242.jpg (119305 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-131.jpg (43647 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-438.jpg (44466 bytes)



Kawasaki KFX 450 ATV   Kawasaki KFX 450 ATV  Kawasaki KFX 450 ATV  Kawasaki KFX 450 ATV
Kawasaki KFX 450 ATV - Alba Action

Motorhomes and Trailers

Bear Trailersports   Double Decker Trailer - Bear Trailersports

Outlaw - Toy Hauler Class A Motorhome   Outlaw - Toy Hauler Class A Motorhome   ORBAShow2007-450.jpg (69756 bytes)

Optima Motor Coach

Ball Renegade Motor Coach   Ball Renegade Motorhome

Other Stuff

ORBAShow2007-022.jpg (38313 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-028.jpg (68750 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-576.jpg (53071 bytes)

Damzl Fuel - Energy Drink for girls   Damzl Fuel

ORBAShow2007-005.jpg (150974 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-571.jpg (68810 bytes)

ORBAShow2007-149.jpg (87850 bytes)   ORBAShow2007-153.jpg (97615 bytes)

Geno's BBQ


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