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Cadiz Dunes

Cadiz Dunes Wildernesss Area

Cadiz Dunes are closed to vehicles

Location:  Cadiz Dunes Wilderness lies 40 miles east of Twenty Nine Palms, between State Highway 62 and historic Route 66, in San Bernardino County

GPS Coordinates: 3423'36.66"N, 11525'20.70"W


From Twentynine Palms:

Directions from BLM website - Travel 62 miles east of Twentynine Palms on State Highway 62. Turn north and follow the graveled Cadiz Road for 26 miles. The next 5 miles of the Cadiz Road forms the eastern boundary of the wilderness.

From I-40 and Kelbaker Rd.:

South on Kelbaker Rd. to National Trail Hwy ( Old Route 66) East of National Trail Hwy to Chambless (ghost-town).

Turn right on Cadiz Rd. You will see a sign for Cadiz Farms:
Cadiz Farm Sign

Go 4.5 miles and cross railroad tracks. Cadiz Farms goes to the right, do not take this road. 
Cadiz FarmsTurnoff

Go straight for another 2 miles.  Cross another railroad track. Road turns to dirt. You will see two natural gas storage tanks, and the road forks.  Take the road to the left that parallels the railroad track and El Paso Natural Gas Pipeline (underground).
Cadiz Dunes - Fork In Rd. at Gas Storage Tanks

Travel on dirt road for 8.7 miles
GPS coordinates:
N 34.25.605
W 115 23.581

Turn right towards dunes.  Parking area is 2.9 miles.  Road is not maintained and is sandy. 4x4 recommended.
Cadiz Dunes Turnoff from Cadiz Rd.
"OHV Funds at Work"

Cadiz parking area:
N 34 23.611
W 115 25.345
604 ft.

Cadiz Dunes Parking Area

Managed By: Bureau of Land Management, Needles Field Office 

Size: 21,298 acre

Date of Closure: 1994

Type of Closure: Permanent

Reason for Closure: Wilderness Designation, California Desert Protection Act

Cadiz Dunes Wilderness Area Sign
Wilderness = No Vehicles and No Bicycles

Cadiz-WildernessMap-1.jpg (139398 bytes)
Cadiz Dunes Wilderness Map - click to enlarge.
Private land (inholdings) are shown in white.

Other information:

  • The 21,298-acre (approximate) Cadiz Dunes Wilderness encompasses a major portion of the Cadiz Dune system and desert shrub lowlands just east of the dunes. These small dunes were formed by north winds pushing sands off the Cadiz Dry Lake.

  • The El Paso Natural Gas Pipeline passes the northeast side of the dunes and is adjacent to the Wilderness boundary.

  • The Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad tracks are within 30 ft. of the Wilderness boundary.

  • Private lands may lie within this wilderness area. See Map of Cadiz Dunes Wilderness Area for more detail.

Endangered or Threatened Species:



Other Photos:

Old Pictures - 1980 & 1981

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The Dunes Today

Cadiz Dunes Wilderness Area   Cadiz Dunes Wilderness Area   Cadiz Dunes Wilderness Area   Cadiz Dunes Wilderness Area

Cadiz Dunes Wilderness Area   Cadiz Sand Dunes - Designated Wilderness Area   Cadiz Sand Dunes - Designated Wilderness Area   Cadiz Sand Dunes - Designated Wilderness Area

Plants and Animals

Cadiz Dunes - Mojave Fringed Toed Lizard   Cadiz Dunes Grasshopper   Cadiz Dunes Evening Primrose   Cadiz Dune Plant

Cadiz Dunes - Evening Primrose

Desert Tortoise
I saw this little Desert Tortoise crossing Kelbaker Rd. on the way from Kelso
to Cadiz Dunes

Kelso Dunes Wilderness Area
Nearby Dunes, north of Cadiz Dunes in the Mojave National Preserve

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